Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hope everyone is having a good week so far! This is a very exciting week for me because I am starting my last semester in college! I will do my student teaching this semester and graduate in December! I cannot wait to officially be a TEACHER!
Caleb also received really good news this week at work and I look foward to sharing it with you soon!
I am so thankful this week for many things! Some of the things I am thankful for are my salvation and for how my Lord and Savior provides for me each and everyday, my wonderufl husband and how he works so hard for us and loves me unconditionally! I am also thankful for my parents and for how they have been there for me no matter what and how they raised me in a Godly home! I am thankful for my brother and the excitement he adds to my life my life by just being himself! I am also thankful for my mother in love, father in love, sister in love, and brother in love and how they have made me feel like family from day one and how they support Caleb and I. I am thankful for my sweet nephews and the many laughs, hugs, and kisses, we get from them each time we see them! I am thankful for our extended family and for the time we get to spend with them! I am thankful for my home that God has blessed Caleb and I with and the cars that get us where we need to be! I am thankful for my wonderful church and our pastor who preaches the Word of God to us each and every week! I am also thankful for my friends who are there for me during the good times and bad times and for the encouragement they are in my life! And lastly I am thankful that fall is just around the corner! I am loving the cooler weather and I am reminded each day how good God is to us!
I could name LOTS of other things I am thankful for but today I just wanted to add a few!
Hope you are enjoying reading our blog! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of it and things you would like to see on here! Have a good night!
God Bless, Kayla

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We have had a busy last few days celebrating my birthday! I turned 22 on Friday and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this year in my life! I am so thankful for my wonderful friends and family and how they made my birthday so special! On Friday, Caleb was off and able to hang out with me for the entire day!
Caleb made this sweet sign for me and hung it up in our home for the weekend!
Friday at lunch my grandmother treated me and my parents and brother to lunch at a local restaurant and we also had my cake that my mom made! She is getting really good at making different kinds of cakes! I loved this one because it was two tier for 22!!

She also had it on this cool "Happy Birthday" plate that she gave me as part of my birthday gift as well!
My sweet husband surprised me that afternoon and took me shopping and out to eat to one of my favorite restaurants ever

Caleb let me shop for a little while before dinner and then after we went to a cool ice cream shop called Maggie Moo's! We had a great night and Caleb made it so special! Caleb bought me a new outfit for school and also a charm to go on my Pandora bracelet! He got me the Pineapple which represents our wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii! So Sweet!

On Saturday, we spent the evening in the pool at my parents and then they took me out to eat for my birthday as well!

Here Caleb and I are ready to go!
I was super excited because my parents not only got me a cute outfit and super cute shoes but they also got me tickets to go and hear Beth Moore speak in December! I had mentioned wanting to go a long time ago but Caleb and I just did not need to spend the money on a ticket at the time so when I opened it up I was so EXCITED!! I cannot wait to go and hear the word of God spoken from such a dynamic speaker such as her! The hand of God is definately on her life and she is such an inspiration to me and to so many others! At the conference will also be speakers, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur! Our church is doing a ladies study with a book by Priscilla Shirer starting next month so I am also really looking foward to hearing her speak as well.

Last night we went to Caleb's house to celebrate with his family for my birthday! We had yummy food and I was so excited to get a super cute dress and some shoes, a new Vera Bradley purse which I LOVE and my very first piece of jewelry with my new initial, a "G"!!! I cannot wait to wear my earrings and sport my new name! : ) My sweet nephews also sung Happy Birthday to me for the first time! Yay boys!

To say I have had a wonderful birthday is definately an understatement! I am so blessed and I am truly thankful for the wonderful family God has given Caleb and I!
I am enjoying my last full week of no school! I start my internship for elementary education on Wednesday and I am so excited! The final step before graduating! This is definately been a BIG year for Caleb and I and their is still so much more left! 2010 will be such a memorable year for our families!
I am still working on my testimony through my arthritis to share on here and will post soon! I pray each of you have a wonderful day and stop and thank our wonderful Lord and Savior for everything he has blessed you with! May I never get over what he done on the cross for me!
Abundant Blessings, Kayla

Friday, August 13, 2010

1st Birthday... as Mrs. Gooch

Today is my firt post on this blog AND my beautiful wife's birthday! She is 22 today but today is also her 1st birthday as MRS GOOCH! I love her more with each passing day! I am so unbelievably blessed to be able to call her my wife! I am taking her out tonight for a surprise dinner at one of her favorite restaurants ;). So happy birthday Kayla! I love you more than anything and to everyone else, I hope your day is blessed!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I follow a blog that does "What I love Wednesday's" and I love it so I thought I would start doing it as well! I am absolutely loving the blog world and I hope each of you are enjoying reading our blog!

Today I am loving that Caleb and I have been married 53 days! These past 53 days have been the best and I cannot wait for many many more to come! We are loving being married and pray our relationship is a testimony to our our Lord and Savior each and everyday!

I am also loving that tonight is church! I love Wednesday's and my wonderful church! When I seem to be having a bad week or I am just exhausted from Monday and Tuesday, it is always good to know when Wednesday gets here!

I am loving that my birthday is Friday! I LOVE birthdays and I cannot wait to celebrate for the first time as Kayla Gooch!!!

I am loving the song by Jim Brickman and Jordan Hill called My Destiny that I just found today! Beautiful song!

Last but not least I am loving Lenny's! I had lunch there today and I LOVE their turkey sandwiches!

I pray each of you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Honeymoon in Hawaii"

We have had a very BUSY week but it has been loads of fun! Today I wanted to blog about our honeymoon and share with you just a few pictures! The morning after our wedding we boarded a plane and flew 10 hours to to the beautiful island of Oahu. It was as beautiful as everyone says it is and even more! It was definately a dream honeymoon!

This is us right before getting on the plane! We had many sweet people throughout the trip, who felt sorry for us taking pictures by ourselves and they would offer to take a picture of us together! We were so thankful!

When we arrived it was two in the afternoon there and seven here so we were extremely tired! Our hotel was huge and had lots of shopping and food!

This is on our balcony getting ready to go and lay by the ocean! Their beaches are a lot different than ours but very pretty and the water is absolutely gorgeous!

Caleb played in the sand for a while and this was his finished masterpiece! haha
The next day we caught the bus bright and early and headed to Pearl Harbor! It was so neat to be able to go! This is something that some people may never get to do and we were so thankful for the experience! When we arrived people were already lined up an hour before it opened! We toured a submarine and then rode a ferry to the memorial.

On Wednesday we hiked Diamond Head! This is a picture of us at the very top! It was tiring after a while but totally worth it once we arrived at the top!

After hiking Diamond Head on Wednesday and having a full day we decided to enjoy a day by the pool on Thursday!

That night we had or luau which we were sooooo excited about! It was lots of fun and Caleb even got on stage and did a little luau with several other people for us! haha Caleb is so much fun and I am so thankful for the Godly man I married!

On Friday we went to Hanauma Bay where we snorkeled! It was so pretty there and lots of fun! We saw many pretty fish and just relaxed on the beach!

We had a wonderful week and we cannot imagine how it could have been any better!
We are already saving to go back!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures! After prayer and requests from several friends and family I have decided to share my testimony of me having Rheumatoid Arthritis. God has taught be so much and is still showing me so many things throughout the experience. Over the next week I am going to start working on it and will post it very soon! Please pray for me as I want my story to do nothing but bring glory and honor to God! We hope you are all having a good weekend and we pray each of you find a place to worship our Lord and Savior tomm!
Abundant Blessings!
Caleb and Kayla