Thursday, March 24, 2011

"My JOY comes from the Lord"

Hope everyone is having a great day! It is a little cooler here today but the sun is shining bright! I am loving this verse today: "The JOY of the Lord is my strength" Nehemiah 8 :10. On the days that I just can't go anymore or nothing seems to be going the way I though it would I remember this verse! God has given me far MORE than I will ever deserve and knowing that I will spend eternity with him brings pure JOY to my life! I pray this verse encourages you today as much as it has me!
Caleb was out of town Monday and Tuesday and everything went well! Praise the Lord! I was SO glad to have him back home. Yesterday we were able to spend the day together and it was very nice. We slept in(on a Wednesday!!!!), went to the gym, and just laid around and watched movies. We even got to ride to church together on a Wednesday which is a TREAT because Caleb always comes straight to church from work! We were so thankful for the day together. We are ready for the weekend though as I'm sure you are too! Friday is DATE NIGHT! yay Saturday we are keeping our sweet nephews and we cannot wait. Hopefully I will have lots of pictures to post.
Don't have much to post about today but I pray each of you have a wonderful rest of the day!
Abundant Blessings, Kayla

Monday, March 21, 2011

'Marvelous Monday"

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather was beautiful here and we enjoyed it! Friday Caleb was off and we worked in our flower beds, trimmed our scrubs, and cut the grass. I love getting the house ready for Spring! It is so much fun! Friday afternoon we headed out to eat and then we did a little shopping to end a great day! On Saturday we worked some more outside and then that night Caleb's grandfather was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in our area. It was a great night with many men and women receiving this honor.
Yesterday was gorgeous as well! I don't think I could ever get enough of this beautiful Spring weather! After church we had a baby shower for one of my dear friends Tiffany! She will be welcoming her sweet baby girl into the world in April and Caleb and I cannot wait. We are SO excited for our precious friends!
Today I am subbing for my MIL for probably the last time in a while. Hopefully she will be able to come back tomorrow after her doctor's visit today! She is doing really well! I am looking forward to a fun and exciting week ahead! Hope you are too!
Make sure you get out and enjoy this wonderful weather!
Abundant Blessings, Kayla

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Thankful Tuesday"

SORRY! I guess I got happy hitting buttons and accidently hit the "Publish Post" button! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I have not blogged in a while but we have been busy and I have not had a good time to sit down and blog and when I did have time it was too pretty to be inside so I was outside enjoying the weather. Saturday it was BEAUTIFUL here so Caleb and I cleaned house and then headed to the park. We took Abby and she was beside her self. I think she enjoyed getting out and was so interested in all of the other dogs there. She ran and played the whole time and then was out of it on the way home. I love going to the park on a Spring day and having a picnic. I do not have too much to blog about today but I have been very thankful today for the country that we live in. Thinking about Japan and the people their just breaks my heart! I am praying for the precious people their. I cannot imagine trying to find out if all of my family is still alive! May the people of Japan have a peace only from God that passes ALL understanding!
Today I am also thankful for my medicine. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I take IV infusions. It is rough and does not make me feel very well in the beginning but on days like today I am THANKFUL for those wonderful medicines! It is very rainy and dreary here today!
As silly as it may sound I am also thankful for KOOL- AIDE today! : ) I am trying to eat AND drink healthier! I absolutely LOVE Mountain Dew and think I have to have one everyday and sometimes multiple times a day so I am trying to drink more water and other things that might not be soooo bad. Kool- Aide is definately helping me get through the day today and not crave a Mountain Dew! :) I am loving this flavor right now!!!

I am thankful for the Bible Study we are doing at my church that I have previously talked about called "Jonah" by Priscilla Shirer. Yesterday in my study it talked about how God can hear us no matter how far away from him we seem we may be! God even heard Jonah in the belly of a fish!!!! How awesome is that! I grew up hearing the story of Jonah a lot but this Bible study has allowed me to see the story of Jonah in a whole new way, and for that I am grateful!
I am also thankful today to be able to sub in the schools just about every day of the week. My MIL had surgery about three weeks ago and is still not able to come back so I have been able to fill in for her which has been a blessing in itself, but I have also been able to sub in various schools around where we live. As bad as I want a job right now, I know that God has me where he wants me for such a time as this. I am confident in knowing that when it is time for me to have a job God will see fit that I am right where he wants me! I love teaching and being around kids! May I always remain TEACHABLE!

Last but definately not least I am thankful for the wonderful Husband that God has given me!

Caleb is FAR more than I could have ever imagined a husband being! He is my dream come true! He is the most genuine person I know and I can't believe that I get the privilage of being his wife each and everyday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

"Birthday Wishes"

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a great day! We had a great weekend celebrating my grandmothers birthday! She will be 73 tomorrow, so I wanted to go ahead and wish her a Happy Birthday! My mema is one of the most caring people I know. She is always doing something to help others whether it is cooking(which she does ALL the time), helping out a church, or visiting people, she stays BUSY! She is a wonderful woman of God and I am thankful to call her my grandmother!

Caleb and Kayla

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"What I am Loving Wednesday"

Today I thought I would talk about some of the things that I am loving.

I am loving our Ladies Bible Study that we are doing at church by Priscilla Shirer. It is wonderful and if you ever get a chance to do it is worth the time for sure! It teaches about interruptions in our lives and viewing them as "Divine Interventions". One of the quotes that she says that I LOVE is "A life interrupted by a Holy God is a PRIVILEGE!"

I am also loving that it is getting warmer outside! Tomorrow when I clean house I cannot wait to put away all of my winter clothes and start getting out spring and summer clothes and FLIP FLOPS!

I am loving my sweet puppy, Abby!

She is full of energy and is so much fun! She will be 6 years old this year and it is hard too believe we have had her that long!

I am loving the sweet monogrammed ring Caleb got for me for Valentine's day! It looks very similar to this except he put my new initials on it! KGR I was soooo excited! I have wanted one for a long time and it means so much he took the time to pick it out all by him self! We had a wonderful first Valentine's as husband and wife!

Last but not least I am loving that I get to spend the entire day with this good looking man Friday!

I am definately blessed with the best looking husband in the whole wide world! On Friday, he is off and we are going to spend the whole day together! We are hoping it will be pretty for a picnic but if not we will enjoy whatever we do just because we will be together! SO thankful for my husband!

Hope each of you have a Wonderful Wednesday in the Lord!
Abundant Blessings, Kayla